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Brooke Pizarro or "Coach Brooke" is a certified life coach working out of Yonkers, New York. Coach Brooke seeks to help others with her true-to-life style and approach, which assists her clients  when it comes to situations based on personal experiences she can relate to. Her solutions come from real-life experiences and her training as a life coach. Coach Brooke welcomes both group and individual clients ages 10-adult, male and female.

Are The Only
YOU You Have.


Embark with Coach Brooke and find out just how important you are to the most important person in your life...YOU!


"YOU are the ONLY YOU you have."

do something



Coach Brooke encourages you to do your best and live your life, your way! She will assist you in fulfilling your ideas, dreams and goals.


Try something new!

Experience life in a whole new way!

Stop listening to those who say you can't!


Coach Brooke wants you to enjoy life, but also wants you to recognize that the choices you make in life, no matter how Growth!


You will at long last, see that there is more to life than what you already know or  more than what is in front of you!


Coach Brooke will be your biggest cheerleader when finding what it is that makes you happy in life, and how to take control of what makes you happy, even if it's someone to listen, someone to simply talk to.


As Coach Brooke says, "Shine where there is no light and lead the way!"





Something new.



Let Coach Brooke help you to discover what you've been searching for. Find out something new about yourself. Explore a whole new side of yourself that matters to you, that allows you to proceed with things you've been putting off or afraid to change about yourself.




Coach Brooke will help you every step of the way on your journey through self-discovery.

Coach Brooke's method of coaching includes "real life" experiences, most of which she has dealt with herself. Together, with Coach Brooke, you will face your "Nay Sayers" with a smile and sense of accomplishment. Doing what you've wanted to do for so long has now become a reality and the biggest reward that you could give yourself!

Coach Brooke has found and re-invented herself several times in her life and has mastered what she calls "the you factor"..."where nothing else matters until YOU Matter!"



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