Coach Brooke helped me change my life! I was a shy, introverted man, but after organizing my life and confronting and analyzing why I behave and react the way I do, Coach Brooke helped me change negative behaviors. Thank you,  Coach Brooke!
-Michael W (M)


For those who know O.K., for those who don't ya missing out , Coach Brooke. Got things on the roll , it's been a long time since I've experience this kind of warmth an advice in such abundance , I've know Brooke for years , an still didn't know the real Brooke until now , she's a real trooper an a true friend , she's full of advice and answers , you won't be disappointed !!!
-Gerald B. (M)

Coach Brooke talked with me about my grades and how special I am now I have an 85 average
-C.D. age 16 (F)

-Terry-Ann T. (F)

-Joyce J. (F)

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