Why Choose A Life Coach?


People change, they age, they go through many of the same stages of life, transitions and even crises as their families, friends, co-workers and many others.

What do people do when after 20 years? Or 30 years? Their children finally move out of the house, what's next? What to do when approaching middle age?

Have a lot that you want to get off your chest or something you really wanted to do for a long time?

Maybe your family and friends are constantly telling you, you can't or you shouldn't because you're "too young" or "too old".

What do you do when you want to go back to school 15 years after you’ve graduated?

Most people, go to a life coach.

     Life coaches helps people achieve their dreams and goals. Some people barely know what those dreams and goals are. Life coaches dedicate their practice mainly to helping clients with self-discovery. Coaches may use a variety of tools, profiles and assessments to help clients determine their strengths, likes and dislikes, or the coach may be more informal in their approach, asking thought provoking questions and carefully feeding back the responses.

Different people will have different needs, and what works for some will not work for others. Some people will want a coach just to be their confidante, friend, or sympathetic ear, while others may want something more professional.

Coaching Areas:

  • Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem

  • Relationships

  • Single Parenting

  • Career Change (Workplace Issues)

  • The Mastery of Balance–Juggling Life

  • Self Care–Getting Your Own Needs Met FIRST! "The YOU Factor"

  • Living Your Purpose/Dreams/Goals/Ideas

  • Hot Buttons–Managing Anger, Upset, Frustration, and Stress

  • Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change

  • Children 10+ (Cool Mom Approach)

  • Self Identity (Who Am I?)

  • Business Plans/Writing

  • Confidant–Someone To Talk To/Listen

  • Food & Health/Weight Loss

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