About Coach Brooke

A mother, grandmother and professional. Brooke Pizarro or Coach Brooke, is a former Surgical Technologist turned Certified Life Coach. She is a dual business owner in Yonkers, NY. (With one of the businesses being Yonkers' very first!)


Throughout her life, Brooke has assisted people with various life issues and has saw herself through some of her own difficult times. Additionally, Brooke has seen a shift through many careers and backgrounds throughout life as she sought to find her way. In 2009, she suffered an injury which forced her into early retirement in 2014. With her work ethic and "people person" personality on hold, Brooke found herself "stuck" as she recovered for years. Over the years, she wrote, she read, she researched and attended school twice; Once, where she received  entrepreneurial certification and was speaker and ambassador of her graduating class (WEDC). She then registered her Food Truck Business in the County of Westchester, NY (A Fish A Day Food Truck). Feeling she had more to do, she enrolled in a Life Coaching Certification program and scored 94% on the final exam (IAP).

Why a Life Coach? Brooke is taking her love of people and chidren to another level. Most of her life Brooke has assisted others without a second thought. She would counsel and mentor children of friends and co-workers on several issues...including behavior. She's been the friend when no one else would, a helping hand and advice giver on the mulititude of topics she is knowledgeable about.

Not only has she come to the aid of her family and friends, but numerous strangers as well. There has been instances where coach Brooke has been in the right place, at the right time and saved lives several times! She has been recongnized in various publications:

New York Daily News

Bronx Times

Norwood News

Montefiore Medical Center News (and Faces of Respect)

The Public (Buffalo NY)

WPIX11 News, Coach Brooke was the first to appear on the segment "Help Me Howard" 21 years ago!


Coach Brooke's background includes:

Law enforcement, Childcare, Counselor, Medical,  Business ownership/ideas/Planning, Self-awareness, Mentoring, Cooking, Inspiring others and more. 

Brooke is an inventor (product still on the market), writer, Reality TV game show writer, she is registered with the Writer's Guild Of America and is a "hair care" product inventor as well.

Coach Brooke is "Your Biggest Cheerleader" and often called, "The Nay Sayer Slayer." She often says, you cannot spell "I CAN" using the letters "N-O!"

She's a great listener and welcomes clients as young as 10-years-old. In her efforts to assist children with their goals and creating them...Coach Brooke utilizes her "cool mom" approach to assist with direction.


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